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dab: Software GmbH is a 100% part of dab:Daten – Analysen & Beratung GmbH. dab: Software GmbH is your partner when it comes to licensing data analytics software and contacting relevant services:

Sales of all ACL™ products (ACL™ AN, ACL™ AX, ACL™ GRC) in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland (D-A-CH) in our role as official sales partner.

Your main contact for all licence matters involving ACL™ products in the areas software support and subscription (renewal, new contract, cancellation).

Organization of services in and around data analytics (training, consulting, workshops)

ACL™ Analytics / ACL™ Analytics Exchange

ACL™ Analytics is the desktop version for analyzing big data – software with ease of operation, straightforward installation, excellent ad hoc means of analysis, and visualization options. ACL™ Analytics Exchange is the server solution to analyze big data – suitable for structured implementation of data analytics in auditing, GRC (governance, risk, compliance) or automated CCM (continuous controls monitoring) scenarios. Teamwork is optimally supported, by dashboards, exception management and an allround user and authorization concept.



Automatable (CCM)

Professional Analytics Tool


ACL™ GRC is a fully integrated and powerful audit and risk management solution. With modern architecture, sophisticated features and attractive usability ACL™ presents a state-of-the-art solution for all demands posed by GRC in an organization. The software is entirely self-sufficient, capable of managing your audit planning even without data analytics. You can plan and organize your audits based on integral risks. Interaction between data analytics tools (ACL™ Analytics / ACL™ Analytics Exchange) and ACL™ GRC is simple and fluent, which ultimately enables you extensive reporting and visualization.

Statistical risk analysis

Project management


Visualization and reporting

ACL™ Certified Training

As an ACL™ distributor in Germany our product portfolio naturally includes certified ACL™ standard training. No matter whether fundamentals (data import, examining data integrity, condensing data by classification or sum structure, relations and joins) or advanced subjects like functions, variables and ACL™ script, our training lays the foundation for your success in data analytics. Regular, open training is available to you plus corporate workshops.


Highly qualified trainers

Comprehensive data analytics process

Small groups


With its dab:Exporter software, dab:GmbH offers the best and most professional solution to extracting data, even the largest amounts from SAP®. Exports can be ready defined in the simplest way, based on analytics to be conducted later. Source systems are not overloaded for export, speed and dependability are excellent, and the solution has already proven to be of the best in an SAP® HANA environment. Legal data protection aspects are also part of the solution, enabling confidential handling of personal data compliant with BDSG §32 in data analytics too. Target formats of data extracts range from ACL™ tools to SQL server.



Source system considerate

Automatable (CCM)


After readying, data are processed in the ACL™ analytics tool by the socalled dab:AnalyticSuite. A wide-spanning portfolio of ready defined standard analyses for SAP® data gives you solid results at the press of a button. Over the years a whole variety of questions were prepared from the areas vendor master data, purchasing, accounts payable accounting, customer master data, sales, accounts receivable accounting, asset management, segregation of duties, master material data, stock-keeping and logistics, financial accounting and controlling. These analyses can be licensed as apps for ACL™ products, creating fast, reliable and standardized results. Given the architecture of the dab:AnalyticSuite you can add further questions, at any time and flexibly, from our extensive portfolio.

Comprehensive data analytics

Specific identification

Standardisiert und vergleichbar

Standardized and comparable

dab:Training - Data Analyst for SAP® Processes

Changing data into knowledge – a corporate mission statement. And we implement it by sharing with you our wide-ranging expertise in data analytics. Whether straight ACL™ training or special ACL™ training for SAP® processes – our experienced course instructors present the contents precisely and practically, interesting and entertaining. Learn how to use data analytics tools to produce the right results for maximum benefit. We convey and communicate our expertise so that you save valuable time, avoid the pitfalls, and can implement bonus ideas simply and speedily. Regular, open training is available to you plus corporate workshops.


Highly qualified trainers

Comprehensive data analytics process

Small groups

ACL™ User group

The ACL™ user group is independent from ACL™ and is organized by the group's members. The German ACL™ user group was established in May 2008 and currently counts over 60 members, representing more than 40 businesses from very different sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our aim is to promote the use of computer-aided data analytics tools in the daily practice of auditors, the staff of financial and controlling departments and tax consultants. The group's focus is ACL™, but other topics are also discussed (eg data security). The group's focus is ACL™, but other topics are also discussed (eg data security). Meetings usually focus on certain aspects of data analytics that are of general interest. Papers are delivered by members of the user group, and there is an exchange of experience and information. 

If there is adequate demand, we also organize seminars at an attractive price (eg ACL™ training, SAP training for users). Regularity of meetings: 3 times annually (lasting about 1/2 day) For more information on worldwide ACL™ user groups visit the ACL™ home page. For all more information and membership of the German ACL™ user group contact the coordinator:  Ms. Anke Giegandt

Which topics are covered?

Exchange of "best practice" approaches.
ACL™ scripting techniques and methods.

Why should you come?

Improve your knowledge and skills to analyze data.
Expand your professional network.
Give feedback to ACL™.

What does ACL™ offer  the User group?

Reduced cost for ACL™ courses.
Reduced cost for the exam to become an ACDA (ACL™ Certified Data Analyst).
ACL™ employees sometimes attend the meeting.

Whom can I contact?

Ms Anke Giegandt,
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Tel: +49 (89) 4590-5093
Mail: anke.giegandt@bshg.com

Future dates

21th Meeting in Munich on 20th March 2017 (More details will be provided soon.)

21. Meeting der ACL User Group DACH
Ort: Unterföhring/München, Fa. Allianz Deutschland AG 20.03.2017 von 12:00 Uhr bis ca. 17 Uhr


  1. 12:00 – 13:30 Vortrag „IT-Sicherheit durch digitale Datenanalyse“ (Hr. Christoph Haas, Securai GmbH) 
  2. 13:30 – 14:30 Gemeinsames Mittagessen 
  3. 14:30 – 15:30 ACL - Produktupdates (Hr. Wenig, dab:GmbH) 
  4. 15:30 – 16:00 Kaffeepause / Networking 5.16:00 – 17:00 Gemeinsame Diskussion: „ACL-Analysen im Hinblick auf Fraud Prevention“ 
  5. Weitere Themen: –Festlegung des Datums und der Themen für das nächste Meeting –Offene Punkte

Useful links

Hier finden Sie nützliche Links, die Sie bei Ihrer Arbeit mit ACL unterstützen können.

Informationen zu User Groups bei ACL
ACL hat auf der Homepage viele interessante Informationen zu User Groups zusammengestellt.

Link zum Bundesministerium des Innern (BMI) für Datenschutz- Informationen
Hier finden Sie alles rund um das BMI- (hoffentlich) auch bald die Gesetzesnovelle zum BDSG.

Link zum Deggendorfer Forum für Digitale Datenanalyse (DFDDA e. V.)
Der Verein DFDDA e. V. hat den Zweck, Wissenschaft, Hochschulausbildung und Praxis auf allen Gebieten der digitalen Datenanalyse in den Bereichen Interne Revision, Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerrecht, Controlling und betriebswirtschaftlichen Prozessoptimierung zu fördern. Das geschieht vor allem durch ideelle und finanzielle Unterstützung der Lehre und Forschung an der Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft/ Wirtschaftsinformatik der Fachhochschule Deggendorf.